Blue Ticket Presents Your World Tour 2018

This summer we gave four students £25,000 to travel the world on an STA Travel BlueTicket (we’re like Oprah, but for travel). And guess what? We’re here to do it again.

First of all, BlueTicket, who art thou?

Exclusive airfares for students and under 31
The world’s largest airline network for students and under 31s, our famous BlueTickets have been flying the young, free and studious around the planet on the lowest and most flexible airfares for over 35 years.

Find out more about our legendary BlueTickets.

Second of all, how do I get involved?

Unfortunately, you’ve missed the last entry for our final round! But don’t worry, we’ve got a competition page on our main site.

See full competition terms and conditions for BlueTicket competition here.

See fourth round terms and conditions for BlueTicket competition here.

Find out what last year’s winners got up to on their epic Round the World adventure…

Snaps from the road