Sam Cant

Manchester Metropolitan University

Sam Cant

-Manchester Metropolitan University

Age: 20

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: Business Enterprise and Marketing

A bit About Me

As my course suggests, I’m really interested in marketing and understanding how people engage with companies, whether they’re buying a product or using a service. I’ve recently started trying my hand at a bit of music promotion too, promoting my friends band and a couple of DJs. After uni I want to start working for a marketing agency for some experience and eventually my goal is to go into marketing consultancy for small to medium sized businesses.


I’ve just started getting involved in the Marketing Operations and Digital Business society and will be joining the snooker society with my friend soon.

Favourite Travel Destination

My favourite Travel destination would be North Africa. I am really interested by the fusion between Arabic and African culture, the people are really friendly and there are a lot of sights too see. Specifically, I would say Egypt is my favourite place I’ve been to.

Dream Travel Destination

My dream destination would be definitely be Japan. I feel like it offers so much, from the bustling cities to the traditional rural areas. The culture is something I’ve never come close to experiencing and understanding and that makes it really intriguing for me.

Hotel or Hostel?

Hotel or hostel? As much as I love the community idea of a hostel, I’m a bit too poncy when it comes down to it. I love to go back to my own room after a day of seeing the sites and chilling out.

Top Travel Tip?

My top travel tip would have to be to do your research on the country you’re going to before you go. Things we find acceptable may not be there and there, the worst thing you can do is upset the people who live there. I found out the hard way in Tunisia, but that’s a story for another day.