Netanya Cramer

University of Leeds

Netanya Cramer

-University of Leeds

Age: 21

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: Philosophy, psychology and the history of scientific thought

A bit About Me

I have a real interest in law and I hope to study it after completing this degree! I also love singing, whether it be in the shower or on stage and obviously hanging out with my friends. My favourite food has to be pasta and interesting fact about myself is that I absolutely hate clowns, I have a bit of a phobia actually. My favourite places that I have travelled are West Coast USA including Yosemite natural park and the coast of Crete was amazing, as well as Gambia in Africa.


I’m part of the debating society, Action society which is for volunteering, Yoga society and Law for Non Law.

Favourite Travel Destination

Yosemite Natural Park.

Dream Travel Destination


Hotel or Hostel?

Hostel – you can meet so many people who are doing the same things as you whilst being able to budget at the same time.

Top Travel Tip?

See AS MUCH AS YOU CAN and be open to flexibility during your trip.