Miriam Shellabear

University of Central Lancashire

Miriam Shellabear

– University of Central Lancashire

Age: 22

Year of Study: 5th Year Masters

Course: Forensic and Conservation Genetics

A bit About Me

My favourite food is cheesy garlic bread- who doesn’t love garlic bread?!? I have so far travelled to 20 countries outside of the UK- mostly all in Europe, I have been to the USA twice, South Africa twice and also once on an STA trip around Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Interesting fact: I share my surname with a river in Northern Canada!


I was part of the UCLan Tigers Cheerleading team for 3 years!

Favourite Travel Destination

Ohh tough one! Most likely Chobe National Park in Botswana.

Dream Travel Destination

Amazon Rainforest.

Hotel or Hostel?

For now, hostels- for the social atmosphere and the price.

Top Travel Tip?

GO ON FREE WALKING TOURS! The locals are able to give a new perspective on places and always have a few special hints and tips about the area that won’t be on trip advisor