Michael Osen

Nottingham Trent University

Michael Osen

-Nottingham Trent University

Age: 22

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: Business Management and Marketing

A bit About Me

In term of my interests I have a passion for travel, nature, outdoor pursuits, innovation, technology, science and anthropology. This summer I’ve had a pretty amazing time; I’ve visited, Cuba, Portugal and then inter railed around Central / Eastern Europe. Budapest was my favourite city on that trip, the food was amazing, the city had a great atmosphere and the nightlife was good. While Montenegro was my favourite country on that trip, due the incredible landscape there. My favourite food is probably BBQ chicken wings, although we went to this famous sandwich bar in Budapest run by two ex-fine dining head chefs, who left fine dining to explore something more exciting and urban, and I had the best sandwich of my life. Here’s the place if you ever go https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g274887-d3700225-Reviews-Bors_GasztroBar-Budapest_Central_Hungary.html. I had the French Lady. An interesting fact about me is that I have 5 nationalities; I’m Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian and Polish.


  • Mountaineering
  • Basketball
  • Debating

Favourite Travel Destination

My favourite place I’ve ever visited is Vietnam, we spent 3 weeks there and had an amazing time, with the people, the nature and the experiences!

Dream Travel Destination

South America – My sister visited South America for 3 months and hasn’t stopped raving about it. Columbia and Brazil are at the top of my list for South America although while I’m there I’ll try and do most of the continent and Central America too. It will be a long trip!

Hotel or Hostel?

Hostel!!! The social aspect of it is so key to having a good time when you’re away. One of the best things about travelling is meeting people. The people you meet can completely shape the experience you have!

Top Travel Tip?

Get out of bed! Even if you’re hungover, make the most of your days, because you’ll be home before you know it.