Megan Cartridge

University of Birmingham

Megan Cartridge

-University of Birmingham

Age: 20

Year of Study: 2nd Year

Course: BA English Literature with Creative Writing

A bit About Me

My main interest, aside from my course, is photography. I have had a small exhibition of travel photography in a local gallery back home and am currently in the process of starting a travel blog. I have travelled around South East Asia, China, America, Mexico and some parts of Europe. My favourite foods are a combination of bread cheese and olives (sorry I couldn’t pick one!).


I previously joined the fine art society, which was a great creative outlet! I was also previously a committee member for Freedom From Torture, a charity based on fundraising for victims of torture and refugees. These were both fantastic societies and I am currently focusing on uni work and my photography back home.

Favourite Travel Destination

Definitely South East Asia! I loved island hopping around Malaysia, exploring hidden caves and jungles as well as visiting the many temples and walking around the city of Singapore.

Dream Travel Destination

My dream travel destination is definitely India! I would love to visit the Taj Mahal and walk around the streets, trying the local foods, being in awe of the vibrancy of the cities!

Hotel or Hostel?

Personally I favour hostels as they are a great way to meet fellow travellers and find more friends to explore new places.

Top Travel Tip?

Don’t over pack! Make sure you can lift your own rucksack otherwise you will regret it (as I have on many occasions).