Dave Hunt

Newcastle University

Dave Hunt

-Newcastle University

Age: 23

Year of Study: 5th year

Course: Medicine with Master’s in Neuroscience

A bit About Me

Outside of being a medical student five years into a mammoth degree I am an active outdoors sort of guy. I pack most of my average weeks with running, rowing, hiking, and fuel this with my favourite south-east Asian food either out of my own kitchen or any of the cracking restaurants in Newcastle. I can’t seem to get enough travel (hence why I’m here!) and have had some unreal breaks in my time at University in Copenhagen, Dublin, Geneva, Budapest and Rome. I am taking three months out of medicine to assist and learn in rural clinics in Malaysia and Borneo where I hope to dive with dolphins and whale sharks if I am lucky!


  • Medical Education (800 members)
  • Running Club (social, 20-50 members)
  • Boxing (new exposure this year, unknown numbers)

Favourite Travel Destination

Hands down Mozambique (north east coastline) so far – nothing like I have ever experienced and would love to go back!

Dream Travel Destination

Malaysia/Indonesia – can’t wait to get out there later this year!

Hotel or Hostel?

I don’t mind losing some creature comforts to share the experience with other like-minded people!

Top Travel Tip?

Plan sparsely, pack light and dream big – the best things/experiences are out there waiting for you to come and get them.