Daniela Mizzen

University of Warwick

Daniela Mizzen

-University of Warwick

Age: 19

Year of Study: 2nd year

Course: History

A bit About Me

I’m interested in keeping fit and healthy, playing and listening to a variety of music and travelling to as many places as possible in the world. I have travelled to numerous places in Europe (Spain, France, Jersey, Bruges, Holland, Lanzarote, Belgium, Berlin) and Japan. My favourite food is an India chicken tikka masala curry with all the extras; naan, poppadom’s and rice. Interesting fact: I am fully British; I was born in Scotland, I live in Wales, both my parents are English and my grandparents are Irish.


  • History Society
  • Warwick Water Polo
  • Warwick Raising
  • Giving Society

Favourite Travel Destination


Dream Travel Destination


Hotel or Hostel?

Either as long as I have a bed!

Top Travel Tip?

Don’t have your hands glued to your phone to take pictures, take it in yourself, put your phone in your pocket and explore the world!